McKibbin Street Cinéma-vérité: Mesmerizing, Terrifying

Bay Ridge: Even though local Andrew El Khadi lost his battle to keep the Starbucks here open, he “humbled” the coffee giant and put coffeehouse preservation on a par with starving children in Africa. Let’s at least give him some credit for that. [NYDN]
Brooklyn Heights: Not only is the illegal fruit stand in front of the Hotel St. George still there, it’s expanding and putting up flashy signs. And isn’t there a secret, wicked, gleeful part of you that hopes it just grows and grows? [McBrooklyn]
Bushwick: New urban legend: If you watch all six minutes of this video of some McKibbin Street kids just hanging out, you disappear inside and can never get out. [Gowanus Lounge]

Greenpoint: The aluminum-siding connoisseurs were out scouting perfect specimens on Calyer Street recently. [Newyorkshitty]
Middle Village: Okay: An amateur boxing match in Juniper Park (in Queens) posted on YouTube attracted the ire of city officials. And a reporter wrote about it. And now two wiseguy types have posted this video calling the reporter a “streeted-out street fag” and threatening to sic their cousin in Afghanistan on him. [Queens Crap]
Lower Manhattan: A lot of brash young male financial types make predictions about the market in this story, but take them with a grain of salt because most are sidewalk smokers and they probably play fast and loose with money as well as their lives. [NYO]
Soho: There is a new 150-room, quasi-funky Sheraton downtown with what Curbed thinks looks like a farmhouse wedged on top but to us looks like a red Monopoly hotel. [Curbed]