The People of Roosevelt Island Need Their Starbucks!

Carroll Gardens: The City Planning commish passed the hood’s request to categorize narrow streets as, well, officially narrow, thus limiting building height on such streets from seven stories to five. The City Council is expected to finalize the change later this month. [Curbed]
Ditmas Park: A local reports that a possum crashed her backyard film festival the other night … only a few months after selfsame local saw a raccoon jaywalking on Cortelyou at dawn. Local lady, you are, like, the Snow White of the Dit; furry creatures flock to you! [Ditmas Park Blog]
Greenpoint: A store selling graffiti supplies and graffiti-culture clothes — kind of like a head shop for taggers — has opened here, but City Councilman Pete Vallone, who actually represents Astoria, is against it, because, well, like smoking pot, putting graffiti on property other than your own is illegal. [amNY]

Park Slope: That old, rusting SEPTA trolley (from Philly, weirdly) on that lot on Fourth Avenue near the Union Street subway station? Say good-bye — they’re gonna start building a 40-unit building there. [Brownstoner]
Ridgewood: Read this eloquent argument for why Ridgewood Reservoir, on the Queens-Brooklyn border, should remain the 142.5 acres of woodlands that it is and not be converted, per Parks Department plans, to ball fields. It’s penned by … always boldly coiffed Queens Beep Helen Marshall! [Queens Crap]
Roosevelt Island: This amenities-starved isle cannot afford for its Starbucks to be one of the 600 that the coffee giant plans to close this summer! Then Duane Reade would be one of its only corporate megachains! [Roosevelt Islander]
Village: Plans are afoot to make it more expensive to park here during peak hours, thus increasing parking turnover and reducing traffic, and no one seems to be opposing it … yet. [Streetsblog]