What — or Who — Pooped in the Prospect Park Sandbox?

Broadway-Flushing: Folks in this Queens nabe are going door-to-door collecting signatures to convince city honchos to landmark their district filled with “1,300 Tudor, Colonial and Arts-and-Crafts gems.” We feel bougie admitting it, but those words make our mouths water! [NYDN]
Bushwick: We have to admit we’re fascinated by this bizarre, tense, testy video taken by some strangely accented, war-painted duo who crashed a barbecue held by the activist group Make the Road by Walking. [BushwickBK]
Downtown Brooklyn: Among vehicles, there is a Dangerfieldian lack of respect for the stretch of bike lane on Adams Street between Willoughby and Tillary, and that is just a shame. [Brownstoner]
Prospect Park: A poop was found in the Lefferts Playground sandbox, and “upon closer inspection … there was more poop found hidden in the sand.” Whatdoneit? Or WHO? [Hawthorned Street]

East Harlem: A pro boxer billed “The Pride of Spanish Harlem” and eleven others were arrested Friday for being involved in an international coke ring. [Uptown Flavor]
East Village: The blog Lux Living, sort of like a version of The Onion devoted to mocking the new corporate ownership of Stuy Town, gets its inevitable profile (completely with anonymous author) in the Times’ Sunday “City” section, where Stuy Town brass reveal they didn’t think it was very funny when the blog wrote that toxins unearthed during a landscaping job had given residents cancer. [NYT via Curbed]
West Village: Jackson Square Park, on Eighth Avenue just below 14th Street, has been spruced up enough to now be an appropriate backdrop for a commercial for a Lay’s product. [Vanishing NY]
Williamsburg: Look at the scruffles (we’re tired of “hipsters”) hanging out in the middle of Bedford Avenue as part of a new program that blocks out cars on Saturdays through August. One of those scruffles is actually lying down reading in the middle of the road! Crazy! [Streetfilms]