Obama’s Staff Seen Smoking Hookahs Late at Night in Amman

Barack Obama Amman

Barack Obama tours the citadel in Amman, Jordan.Photo: Getty Images

We couldn’t help but dig this small detail from Mike Allan’s Political Playbook today on Politico:

With Senator Obama still in Iraq, his staff and press could be seen smoking flavored tobacco in hookahs in their Amman hotel bar, well past midnight local time.

Ahem, they call them nargilas in Jordan, thanks. Why Fox News isn’t running pictures of this illicit, blatantly Middle Eastern activity, we’ll never know. But if somebody finds a shot of Reggie Love (or Andrea Mitchell!) passing the hose to David Axelrod (who, let’s hope, will be twirling his mustache), send it to us. That’s going to be gold by the time October rolls around.

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