Old Bag Uma Thurman Is Really Lucky She Found Someone to Marry Her

Grateful Uma.Photo: Getty Images

Whew. Good thing Uma Thurman was able to trick “Arki” Busson into marrying her! She really got in there under the wire. After her divorce from Ethan Hawke, a “source” cattily told today’s U.K’s Daily Mail, Uma “all of a sudden…found herself all alone with two children and, at 35, facing up to the fear that in Hollywood terms she was over the hill.” Thank God she met Arki! How else would the multimillionairess support herself and her two poor children? “Men have let her down in a big way,” says the source. “So to find a genuine, charitable guy like Arki, who is so obviously crazy about her, is a blessing — and she knows it.” Seriously! Especially since she is a total failure at life. First of all, how could she have let go of that prize, Ethan Hawke? And not many men would deign to marry a 38-year-old, two-time divorcée, even if she was a highly intelligent, surprisingly ageless, totally rich movie star, another “friend” who probably has never met Arki’s ex Elle Macpherson in her life notes in the Mail. Lucky Arki’s so “charitable.”

Why Is Uma Thurman Feeling So Insecure About Her Engagement to Arpad “Arki” Busson [Daily Mail]
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