Pack of Wild Models Descends on T.O.’s Cheeseburger

Photo: Getty Images

Three six-foot-tall models stole Terrell Owens’ Gorgonzola cheeseburger with special sauce at the Grey Goose Manor in East Hampton. Snoop Dogg is teaming up with Indian actor Akshay Kumar to make a Bollywood music video. Usher is considering taking on his mom as manager again because he’s annoyed that his latest album, released under Benny Medina, didn’t sell well.

Sixty-five-year-old former call girl Xaviera Hollander, a.k.a. “The Happy Hooker,” thinks Anthony Neilson’s play The Stitching is “delightfully pervy,” but could have used more nudity. Chloë Sevigny spent her Fourth of July at the Sonic Youth show in Battery Park. That is so Chloë Sevigny of her. Artist-actress Anh Duong and her furniture collector husband Bart Quillen have split, supposedly because she was high-maintenance. Republican dirty trickster and Spitzer foil Roger Stone will be taking part in 5W PR’s monthly networking breakfast at the end of July. Brothers and Sisters star Dave Annable says that riding a motorcycle is like having sex in that, “You can’t be too aggressive but can’t be overcautious.”Michael Moore’s new book about the election is supposed to come out on August 19, though he supposedly hasn’t even finished writing it. Andy Warholite Taylor Mead is shopping a memoir about how Warhol was a “gnome” and a “total phony.”