‘Real Word: Brooklyn’ Will Not Be in BellTel Lofts After All

Bushwick: Poor Janet Corona. The Prudential Douglas Elliman broker e-mailed BushwickBK that they were in a “hep of poop” for posting her “exclusive” condo listing, and then the blog went and published her crazy all-caps e-mail, and now everyone’s piling on, making fun of Janet and her self-tanned, MySpace-y picture. Get in on the action! [BushwickBK]
Chinatown: This hood and the Lower East Side, both lacking enough parks, will get more “social public spaces” transformed from “underused streets.” That’s cool, but you gotta put some trees and shade up in that joint. Peeps don’t wanna be sitting on the hot, bare street! [Villager]
Clinton Hill: Speaking of underused public space, are swaths of CH so desolate and weed-rich that they qualify as “urban prairies”? And that calico-clad chick with the blind baby sister we just spotted on Lafayette: Wasn’t that Laura Ingalls Wilder? [Clinton Hill Blog]
Downtown Brooklyn: After all that hoopla, MTV’s Real World gang won’t be coming to the BellTel Lofts after all. Seems like they couldn’t get the permits they needed to build out the space as they wanted. Guess where it’s looking like those crazy kids will land (as of today, that is)? Yep, that’s right, Le Hook Rouge. [Rockaway Beach: A man who was rescued here after his boat capsized jumped back in the water to retrieve his personal items and had to be rescued again! Mister, it was time to get a new iPhone anyway! [ABCLocal]
Upper East Side: Hey, hot doorman with an accent working at 77th and Park, remember that 26-year-old woman who walked by Sunday with her large white male friend who asked you if you knew any good restaurants? Well, she wants you. [Craigslist via Curbed]