‘Real World’ Still Fishing Around Red Hook

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This week we learned that the Real World: Brooklyn would not be setting up shop downtown, but rather, would be haunting some loft space or another in Red Hook. Rumor had it that they were going to occupy Pier 41, which was recommended by Red Hook Civic Association co-chair John McGettrick. We hear they even offered $50K for two months in the warehouse. But the space there is just a covered pier, which was once used as a catering hall. It turns out that there is no certificate of occupancy, so the pretty young things can’t actually live there.

According to a source, MTV is now looking on Beard Street (above — still proximate to Fairway!), which won’t have a water view, but is just that much closer to Ikea. Expect the product placement on this season to be particularly painful — though if the cast members get jobs shilling Malm coffee tables and Ektorp couches, we will die of delight.