Bronx Individualist Brought Down by Corporate Machine

Cousin Vinny’s way is not

Anthony Agnello —“Cousin Vinny” to his paesans — wanted what everyone wants: to work with the things he loved; and to be a success. For a while he ran a business where he rented out strippers, but that fell apart after he rented one to the local high school. Last year, he tried opening a Subway sandwich shop in the Bronx but was shut down by the chain for putting up Al Capone posters and not wearing regulation uniform. You can hardly blame him. Who wants to wear a visor? Or gloves? Vinny wanted to feel the air tickling his hair and the cool meat on his fingers. He wanted freedom. So he struck out on his own. He opened a place down the road, calling it, “Cousin Vinny’s Way,” which promised free fountain sodas and $5 foot-long subs along with “six hours of nonstop, hard-core, live action from some of the most beautiful young ladies who have ever chosen to take their clothes off in public.” Food and sex combined? George Costanza would have approved. But Subway did not. Since he was still using their wrappers and other such paraphernalia, they’re suing him, and yet another of Cousin Vinny’s dreams has been deferred. “I know I’m a little rough around the edges, but I was just trying to run an honest business,” he told the Post today. Stay strong, Cousin Vinny. They can take your money, but they can’t take your spirit.