Tatum O’Neal’s Dealer to Be Deported, Actress to Pay $96 Fine

Tatum O'Neal

O’Neal, scot-free.Photo: AP

Shortly after actress Tatum O’Neal was arrested for attempting to buy crack from a homeless man on East Broadway, she pledged to help the sometime-dealer out. Alan Garcia, 33, was “not a drug dealer,” she argued. “He’s a panhandler who sold drugs.” She vowed to get her crack legal team on his case.

Fast-forward six weeks. Her legal team was able to get Tatum off with a $96 fine, with an agreement that she would go to two-day drug counseling sessions. She spent only a night in lockup. Garcia, on the other hand, spent all of the intervening time in Rikers. When he emerged yesterday, he was nabbed by immigration officials who will deport him.

Unfairness level? Medium high. Surprise level? Minimal.