The Chelsea Hotel Has Not Lost Its Edge

Bed-Stuy: The first official school double Dutch team has formed at formed at Bedford Academy High School. [NYT]
Chelsea: Even though it’s now managed by a corporation, the Chelsea Hotel is still bohemian: One lucky guest got a room for $119 a night (with A/C, after he complained) and even saw a naked girl walking back from the shared bathroom. Honey, that was Nancy Spungen’s ghost. [Living With Legends]
Cobble Hill: Long Island College’s maternity ward, which delivered roughly 2,800 babies last year, will go condo. Will the rest of the surrounding hospital, or will the new condos be the perfect security zone for hypochondriacs who love to run to the ER with the slightest ache or bug bite? (Uh, that would be us.) [Curbed]
Fort Greene: Twenty-five years’ worth of old Saturday Night Live sets were recently demolished in a warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. And the archive was immense: “When they needed a waterfall for a sketch, the set shop would say, ‘Which one? We have three.’” [I’m Not Sayin’…]

Glendale: Here in Queens, the first bowling alley in the city to apply for landmark status didn’t get it, likely in part because its bowling lanes had just been torn out. It’ll be a Panera Bread by year’s end. [NYDN via Curbed]
Harlem: Meet a white woman who loooved Harlem (and the brothers), then got mugged, then decided that “thug life,” not gentrification, was the hood’s real problem. You’ll feel uncomfortable! [NYP]
Ridgewood: The old Ridgewood Theater vaudeville house is on the market for $9.5 mil, down from $14 mil last winter. Buy some pasties and a magic hat for a few bucks more, and you’ve got yourself a show! [Lost New York]