Who’s Vivi Nevo?

Vivi Nevo Vivi Nevo Vivi Nevo.Photo:Getty Images

Remember on Gossip Girl, when Blair was obsessed with sabotaging overachieving fellow Constance Billard student Nelly Yuki? And Serena was like, “Why do you keep saying her name?” And Blair was all, “Because it’s Nelly Yuki!” We think that’s the reason the Times today profiled Vivi Nevo, the Romania-born, Israel-bred international businessman of mystery. Sure, Nevo is engaged to Zhi Zhang and counts Dick Parsons, Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack, Ron Perelman, and Madonna among his “best buds.” And, yes, Lenny Kravitz crashed at his place in Malibu this one time, although they never talked business, partly because, Lenny says, he is “interested in Vivi Nevo the person” but mostly because most of Nevo’s friends don’t actually know what he does, other than own a sizable chunk of Time Warner and swan around his homes in Malibu, Brentwood, Tribeca, London, Tel Aviv, and Beijing in “snug, black Christian Dior suits.” Those are all pretty fun details. But you just know that Tim Arango sold this piece to his editors by saying, “Dude, he’s called Vivi Nevo. Just say it. See?”

A Media Powerhouse Everyone and Nobody Knows [NYT]