You Didn’t Actually Want to Use Your iPhone to Communicate, Did You?

Lots of reception displays, but not a lot of reception.Images courtesy of

As New Yorkers continue to wait in two-to-four-hour-long lines to get their hands on the sweet, sweet magic that is the iPhone (if only we had some HTML code to put a halo around that very word), the Times has moved forward, covering the best offerings from the iPhone app store. You know, so you have something to look forward to while you bake in the sun, waiting in line. They have a nifty slideshow with iPhone screen shots demonstrating all the cool new applications. Those screen shots also happen to show the phone’s service level at the time the images were captured — and what you see at left is a compilation of the service levels on all the iPhones that the Times showed off. Hmmm. Not so good. At all. And AT&T doesn’t exactly have the best reputation for stellar reception anyhow. Sigh. God: After all this, please don’t tell us the damn thing is going to end up being little more than a tricked-out Fabergé egg. —Jessica Coen

Slideshow: Trick Out Your iPhone [NYT]