Yuppies Discouraged From Partying in Tompkins Square Park

Downtown Brooklyn: Now that the grassy Metrotech Commons has banned all the new pups in the hood, there’s hardly any place for them to poop or tinkle. [Brooklyn Paper]
East Harlem: Italian-Americans who once lived here are going online to donate money to restore the decaying Holy Rosary Church, where a huge chunk of plaster almost fell on a family in the middle of a baptism. [NYT]
East Village: Three women in Abercrombie T-shirts pushing baby strollers started dancing at a rock concert in Tompkins Square Park, but stopped when they realized the song was “Die, Yuppie Scum” and the concert was marking next week’s twentieth anniversary of the TSP riots. That’s sad. Even if the song was directed at them, they still had the right to dance to it. [amNY]

Flushing: Locals who want a bike lane on Queens Boulevard have caught the ears of the city’s transportation honchos, but what they perhaps don’t want to face is that, unless the lane comes with big, fat barriers, they will spend all their time biking around parked or moving motor vehicles using it. That is just the truth — but good luck! [Forest Hills 72]
Fordham: Teens want the shuttered old library here to be a youth center, but the city’s eyeing it as an animal shelter. Says a teen, “I felt like, wow, they care more about animals than us?” [Talk Bronx]
Gowanus: Two local biology professors think that the muck in the toxic Gowanus Canal may harbor the key to future antibiotics. Uninsured New Yorkers, grab your pool skimmers! [Gowanus Lounge]
Lower East Side: A Curbed reader has noticed a bad smell that has long irked us (not the one at our subway stop) — the stench of rotting milk (we hope it’s milk) under the Williamsburg Bridge in East River Park. [Curbed]
Upper West Side: Bloomberg supports the big developer Extell’s proposal to open a Costco in an apartment building on the West Side Highway around 60th Street, but many other pols oppose it, saying it will up traffic and kill small business. As long as we can ride in the cart and eat Combos while Mom shops, we’re all for it. [NYS]