‘Ritz-Carlton of Gentleman’s Clubs’ to Have Children’s Playground for a Lobby


Sapphire Strip Club

Photo courtesy of Curbed.com

Remember when we told you that a high-end strip joint was going to open up in Chelsea, and was billing itself as “The Ritz-Carlton of Gentleman’s Clubs“? Well, it turns out the story of the Sapphire Lounge has an awkward new twist — yes, beyond the fact that someone is trying to put a “classy” strip joint on Eleventh Avenue and 23rd Street. Turns out the club will overlook a lovely, well-used children’s playground! (If it makes you feel a bit better, remember that strippers tend to work after dark, when public playgrounds are closed.) Curbed made this observation (and has more details about the adjacent fifteen-story hotel that’s planned), and we can’t help but agree with one of their commenters: “To be five again … what a thrill.”

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