Accidents Happen … Even Within View of the Shake Shack

Douglaston: The city wants to buy an old farm here in Queens (complete with adorable farmhouse!) to turn it into a park, but it has to work it out with honchos from Long Island’s Nassau County, on which half the property sits. [Queens Crap]
East Village: People drank beer, smoked weed, banged on metal drums, and burned a polyester American flag and $1,000 in one-dollar bills at the twentieth-anniversary celebration of the Tompkins Square Park riots yesterday. But also, ironically, everyone in these pics looks to be about 20. [Neither More Nor Less]
Flatiron: Allegedly, a woman doing the I-really-gotta-go dance while on line for the fancy Madison Square Park pay toilet didn’t quite make it … and pooped her pants before getting inside. Here’s a video of “the evidence,” if you care to believe it. Watch an urban legend start now about how she ate like fourteen burgers at the Shake Shack right before this. [Subway Blogger]

Midtown: Look at the new red lane that’s part of the city’s first buses-only “transitway” coming to both sides of 34th Street. Ooh, a transitway, that sounds all futuristic and Wall-E and stuff. [Streetsblog]
Times Square: The mob-linked owner of the Show World porn emporium on Eighth Avenue went into business with the Laugh Factory comedy-club founder. And now the comedy guy is suing the porn guy, saying he forced contracts on him that leached him of profits and threatened lives if a “certain comedian” was booked. Who? Who? [NYDN]
Tribeca: This is the most overpriced hood in the country, according to a complex Forbes formula based on how much it costs to own in a certain area relative to rentals. Runners-up include Boston’s Chinatown, San Jose’s Willow Glen, and Seattle’s downtown. [Forbes via Curbed]
Williamsburg: If you’re “cool” and “eclectic,” this is your chance to be part of a party scene for a movie called The Greatest with Susan Sarandon and Pierce Brosnan. But you’ll have to show up at 7 a.m. [Gowanus Lounge]