America Ferrera Eviscerates Blake Lively Without Uttering a Single Word

The Soup has uncovered a brilliant clip of America Ferrera and Blake Lively talking to Good Day LA about their just-released movie, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. The co-stars have been all over the country together promoting the film, so they’re probably a little bit tired of hearing one another banter witlessly. You can see a hint (well, more than a hint) of this in the above video of the two, in which Ferrera simply can’t disguise her disdain for Lively and her show, Gossip Girl. As Lively blathers on about what’s coming up on the show this season, Ferrera picks at her fingernails, grimaces, and even looks away in disgust. It’s amazing. We can’t tell whether she’s thinking, “What is this bitch talking about? I’m on Ugly Betty! You know, a show that people actually watch? On a network that will exist past next year?” or “If I hear her swallow another goddamn syllable I will fucking claw out her larynx and feed it to her maltapoo.” Either way, girl knows how to get that emotion across. Get her another Emmy!

Awkward America Ferrera Blake Lively “Good Day LA” Interview Video [PopCrunch]