Chace Crawford Thinks of His Grandparents When He Has Sex on Bar Stools

Photo: Getty Images

You know who stays awake at night worried about the youth of America? Chace Crawford, a.k.a. Nate from Gossip Girl. “Is that a weight on my conscience?” Crawford tells London’s Independent about what the paper terms the “fruitier scenes,” i.e. the sex bits. “Well, yes, I think it is. I come from a moral background, and I can see the power of the show, and imagine my old school teachers cringing, or my grandparents thinking, ‘Oh, my God,’ when they see me, say, having sex on a barstool,” he says, adding. “But you have to remember, this is not a reality show.” Hm, what’s he saying? That Nate isn’t real? We don’t understand that bit. Anyway moving on. Chace also tells the paper about how it bugged him when people made a big deal about the fact that he didn’t want to take off his shirt for a scene. “I never actually said I disliked having my top off,” he said, adding that usually he likes the way the cool breeze feels flicking across his nipples. “It was just that on that occasion it didn’t make sense. Nate was supposed to be waking up, hungover, on his buddy’s couch. So why would he be in his boxer shorts?” Wait, the friend was Chuck, right? Oh, Nate, you’re so naïve.

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