Chace Crawford to Play Nate Archibald in New Horror Movie

It’s too bad there’s not more of Chace Crawford in the above trailer for the film The Haunting of Molly Hartley. But the bits we do see are enough to show us that Chace will be playing a sexy, slightly dim, and sweet-natured Nate Archibald all over again. We choose to believe that it’s because there are just so many opportunities to use this character (and hairdo) in various settings and won’t accuse Chace of being a one-trick Gossip Girl pony. (He is ponylike, though.) Anyway, if you watch the whole trailer above, you’ll see that it’s not all Nate Archibald. There’s definitely a hint of Tyler Simms, Chace’s character from the teen-witch flick The Covenant, at the end there. See? He can play at least two characters. That’s one more than Cher, and she has an Oscar!