Chloë Sevigny Brings Insouciance to Atlantic City

Photo: Getty Images

A lightning bolt hit Martha Stewart’s beach house in East Hampton and fried her sprinkler control panel and stereo system. Spike Lee, unlike Chuck T, thinks Barack Obama is black enough. Brad Pitt shot Angelina and his family at Château Miraval in France for an upcoming cover of W. Former Mets manager Willie Randolph attended a charity benefit with GM Omar Minaya, which might have been a little awkward. Most media gays back Barack Obama, despite Paul Colichman’s decision to rip up his check for Obama over his refusal to support same-sex marriage. Rachel McAdams is back together with Ryan Gosling, or at least cuddling with him in Toronto. Chloë Sevigny took a seaplane to Atlantic City with her brother Paul to hang out at the Chelsea.

Katie Holmes takes a chauffeured car to work, despite the photos taken of her which indicate that she might walk to rehearsal for All My Sons. Justin Long made out “hard-core” with Kirsten Dunst while waiting in line for margaritas at an L.A. bar. Rafael Nadal got mad at Menudo for messing up his practice session at the U.S. Open. Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams hung out at a party at the Empire Hotel. Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio is shopping pics of her baby girl to the celeb weeklies. Michael Phelps is on a golf vacation in Portugal. Kim Kardashian cut her ass on a chipped glass table. Cindy Adams is in Denver covering the DNC and pretty much acting like Cindy Adams.