Chupi Bathed in Celestial Light

Can you hear the angels singing?Photo: Paul O’Reilly

In our mind, the picture at left, taken this past weekend by photographer Paul O’Reilly captures one of two possible events: (1) Either God himself was schining his light upon Julian Schnabel’s Palazzo Chupi, because he was giving a sign to a spiritually inclined billionaire contemplating purchase of remaining units, or (2) more likely, the rainbow was actually emanating from the pink palace, and was, in fact, the physical manifestation of the passion of the current residents of the Gesamtkunstwerk. Said residents were so stimulated by the visual and sensual appeal of the cool rain falling upon the hot Pompeii red exterior that Saturday, so thrilled to be held in the safe embrace of the Chupi while outside, the rain beat down on the rest of populace’s hastily procured $2 umbrellas, that they could not contain their emotions, which subsequently burst through the imported plaster and terra-cotta tiles in rays of colored light. Even later, when the rainbow faded, the building continued to pulse softly, along with their hearts. That’s what we think happened, anyway.

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