Denver Politicians Aren’t Taking Any Crap at This Year’s DNC Convention


There will be not shit-slinging at the Democratic National Convention this month. Not literally, anyway. In preparing to host the convention at the end of the month, the city of Denver, according to the AP, passed an ordinance “barring protesters from carrying buckets of feces during the Democratic National Convention.” Yep. We thought feces-throwing was something that went on only inside institutions and, perhaps, in some households in the republic of Deutschland, but apparently it’s been enough of a problem in Denver that City Council thought a preemptive strike was necessary during this special time. What’s more, people are pissed about it! The AP doesn’t give much backstory — and we’re not sure we want it — but:

Three protest groups say they’ve already promised not to toss, smear or spray feces, and they call the new ordinance insulting and excessive.

Yeah, it’s not like they’re animals. God. You throw poop one time 

Anyway (we’re sorry, but we have to say it) they may have banned poop at this convention, but it is politics, and God knows there’s still going to be plenty of bullshit flying around! Ba dum bum. Thank you and good night!