Editor’s Russell Crowe Impression Does Not Go Over Well in Newsroom


Only Russell can throw a phone and have it
mean something.Photo: Getty Images

Time was, if a newspaperman threw something or yelled, it was because he was passionate, not crazy. Ian Bishop was probably hearkening back to that time when, after a frustrating phone conversation, he tossed a phone in the direction of the office of managing editor Stuart Marques. The expression of emotion was symbolic at best and essentially pretty weak — Marques wasn’t even in his office at the time — but Bishop was still suspended. And over at the Post they’re reveling over “the latest turmoil to rock the Daily News newsroom” like the proverbial pigs in shit. Keith Kelly quotes inside sources for colorful detail.

Nobody was hurt, but people in the newsroom at the time were a little shocked and a little scared by his behavior,” said one source.

They also “wonder why his punishment was not more severe.” The ironic part is that you know everyone at the Post is actually thinking, “What a bunch of pussies. This one time here Andrea Peyser got so mad she threw Fredric U. Dicker against a wall, and all anyone did was cheer.”