Carroll Gardens Woman Will See Nanny Brought to Justice

Carroll Gardens: To the busybody mom who freaked out and made a scene in the park because she found an unattended child: We were kind of hoping that nobody else would be able to see the child and you’d be labeled a crazy having visions of imaginary elf tots. But then the nanny had to show up. You still sound kind of crazy, though, and that’s probably not good for your kid. [Gowanus Lounge]
Dumbo: The city’s school-construction czarina says she supports the idea of a middle school inside a proposed seventeen-story rental building, which many locals oppose because it’ll wreck views of the skyline. [NYDN via Curbed]
Greenpoint: Is this post — about her local church’s soup kitchen — the first time the usually satisfyingly bitchy Miss Heather has been sweet and earnest from beginning to end? Or have we just missed those prior posts? At any rate, we like this side of her (in small doses). [Newyorkshitty]

Harlem: The white woman who wrote that obnoxious article about how a mugging turned her love affair with Harlem into a “thug life” nightmare gets reader feedback: “From beginning to end, the article is so heavily peppered with condescension and entitlement that I frequently found myself doubling over with pangs of revulsion.” Two snaps. [New York Press]
South Shore: Here on Staten Island, the city’s first water-spray park that’s as equally accessible to kids with disabilities as it is to other kids will be blessed today by Cardinal Egan, making it the perfect place to hold baptisms (water included, duh!). [SILive]
Times Square: Regarding the subway station here: “Imagine Disney coming in and painting the entire station and painting a yellow brick road and if you go through this exit you go see Tarzan or if you go through this exit you go see the Lion King.” Pretty scary, right? But if it would keep fares down? It may happen. [amNY]
The Village: You will no longer be able to get journals like lacanian ink, Pleiades, and Daedalus at Niko’s Magazine and Smoke Shop, on Sixth Avenue and 11th Street, because the 31-year-old obscure-mag haven is closing due to high rent. [NYS]