Brooklyn Teen Learns Best Way to Pick Up Girls


When you’re a kid, you learn all year in school. But the important stuff, you learn in summer. Like what third base is. How to tuck in the tampon string. Be careful when shaving your knees and ankles. And stay away from Jägermeister and Southern Comfort. And Kahlúa. And Goldschläger. Anyway, this summer, Jose Pico, a rather awesome teenager the Times found working as a freak at Coney Island, learned an important lesson, too: “I meet a lot of girls out here, even though I’m wearing the costume and I’m the freak,” he marveled to the Times. “They’re interested in meeting the freak.” Yes, Jose, you’ve nailed it. Girls are interested in meeting the freak. Don’t exploit that information, the way these creeps have. Now, have you had Baileys yet?

His Job Is Acting Freaky and Getting Shot [City Room/NYT]
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