GOP Confirms: Joe Lieberman to Speak at Republican National Convention


McCain and Lieberman

What is that over there?” “I think it’s a tank. Should we go to war with Minnesota?” “No, no, wait. I think it’s just Denny Hastert.”Photo: Getty Images

McCain supporter and former Democrat Joe Lieberman will speak at the Republican National Convention in two weeks, the party confirmed today. It’s a development that’s been rumored for a few weeks and shouldn’t surprise many — Lieberman has been one of his friend McCain’s staunchest advocates lately. When he was reelected to the Senate in 2006 for his third term, he ran as an Independent. But even though Democrats ran a candidate against him, after his victory he told the press to call him an “Independent-Democrat.” Clearly the days of that sentiment are over. What’s unclear as yet is how his appearance there will affect independent voters. Core Democrats have already mistrusted him ever since he left the party, and core Republicans will see his presence at the RNC as a reminder of McCain’s maverick roots. What is clear, at least, is that the conventions this year are shaping up to be a lot less boring than predicted. What’s next, Condoleezza Rice at the DNC? Come on! Obama’s going to be speaking outdoors — for once we can have some fireworks.

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