Governor Paterson Is Working His Tuchus Off in Denver


Photo: Getty Images

Bo Dietl thinks that the mob set up Eliot Spitzer to be busted in the Emperors Club scandal. Society ladies Annette de la Renta and Jayne Wrightsman might have cause to be nervous about Michael Gross’s latest book about the trustees of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Cindy Adams makes us love Governor Paterson even more by telling us how hard he’s been working in Denver. An instructor tortured Russell Simmons with yoga. A chef tried to get vegetarian Paul McCartney to eat meat. Which is awesome, but not as awesome as Gotham magazine’s Christina Greeven Cuomo’s planned appearance on Gossip Girl. Speaking of which, Chace Crawford thought it was hilarious when the show was on TV at his gym while he was working out. But Rush & Molloy want him to stop laughing, because the show isn’t predicted to get any better ratings this season.

For some reason, Charlize Theron has been all salty up in Denver. George Clooney may have dumped Sarah Lawson because she got a boob job. Tom Cruise told Liz Smith he “loves Paula Wagner.” Then Liz had dinner with Phyllis Newman. Tennis player Novak Djokovich totally hooked up with Paraguayan javelin-thrower Leryn Franco at the Olympics. Planned Parenthood is hilariously handing out condoms that can protect you from John McCain. Some sucker bought Naomi Campbell an $18.4 million condo in São Paolo. Janice Dickinson’s mother-in-law fell down a well, which was apparently really fun. Moby made fun of John Kerry.