Guess Which Voice Coming Out of Matt Damon’s Mouth Is Cindy McCain and Which Is Michelle Obama?


Mayor Bloomberg’s distinctive twang is easy to detect in the above video, where a number of different people speak through the mouth of actor Matt Damon. The spot is for The ONE Campaign, whose goal is to end poverty. The point seems to be that we all need to come together to solve the world’s problems, like in those “We Can Solve It” ads with Al Sharpton and Jerry Falwell, or the drastically underappreciated “What’s Going On” by the MTV All-Stars.

The answers to which sentence fragments are uttered by Cindy and Michelle are easy to find. But it’s more fun to guess! We bet, depending on who you are, you have a lot easier time figuring out one than you do the other.

Voices [The ONE Campaign]
P.S.— Anyone who can pick out the other voices will get an Editor’s Pick! ComfortablySmug, we know you’re dying for one.