In Greenpoint, the Rainbow Is Somewhere Under an Oil Slick

Clinton Hill: Hey, dude who goes around saying that his mother just had a stroke while driving and crashed the car, and so now you need emergency money for a tow truck: Up in the CH, they’re onto your scam. They’ve even posted a picture of you. And you ain’t even pretty! [Clinton Hill Blog]
Crown Heights: Meet two fun neighborhood gals: There’s Tikeshia, who’s lived here for twelve years and pays $864 for her one bedroom, and Katie, who’s lived here since 2005 and pays $1,100 for her one bedroom. They’ve both got a lot to say about this largely Caribbean, inexorably gentrifying hood! [Brooklyn Based]
Greenpoint: Wow, look at all the different pretty colors and shapes of oil you can see floating atop Newtown Creek: “Loads of brown oil, frothy whitish, rainbow slicks.” The vibrant diversity of these oil slicks reflects that of the population of surrounding Greenpoint! [Newyorkshitty]

Lower East Side: This post on the fuss around new jungle gyms in Co-op Village unleashes a torrent of hateful commentary: “I was told miss Linda from LES Community been giving $3.00 blow jobs.” “So glad I don’t live in the jewish projects anymore.” Wow, hooker allegations and anti-Semitism all in one comments thread. Too rich for a Friday! [Curbed]
New York Harbor: The Feds will spend $150,000 to study if it’s safe to reopen Lady Liberty’s crown, which has been closed to visitors since 9/11. Miss Libby wants some traffic back up in her hat: She told us! [NYDN via Newyorkology]
Sunset Park: Oh, the new benches along the central promenade look nice. Let’s go sit on them this weekend. [Best View in Brooklyn]
Washington Heights: Hey, did y’all know that there’s a funky, colorful new mural planned for the 191st Street subway stop on the 1 train? They’re supposedly going to paint it next Wednesday and dedicate it on Friday. A fun thing to attend if you’re unemployed and lonely! [CitySpecific]