Jean Nouvel’s Chelsea Tower Over Budget, Behind Schedule

Chelsea: One Hundred Eleventh Avenue, Jean Nouvel’s patchwork-paned condo tower, is nearly a year behind schedule and roughly $50 million over budget … but the real news here is that Nouvel is a bald dead-ringer for our all-time favorite stage actress, Marian Seldes. Don’t you think? [Curbed]
Kingsbridge: These three suuuuuuuuuper-cute kitties found in a Bronx garbage can need a home! Watch the video … looks like the woman who found them (who’s already full up with four cats) is part of the Bronx’s first wave of hipsters. (She’s not quite a scruffle, sorry.) [NY1 via West Bronx Blog]
Park Slope: The Babeland sex-toy shop that opened here recently, earning a scolding from right-wing group Focus on the Family for offering a baby-changing table, is doing well, and did you know that the proprietor refers to best-selling vibrators The Wand and Rabbit as “meat-and-potato” items? That conjures a gross image, but maybe it could be fun, right? Portnoy kinda did that, right? [NYO]

Rego Park: Representative Anthony Weiner, prepping to run for mayor next year, set up a “mobile office” here to reach out to the people … and promised that he would still throw phones in a fit of anger, even if it’s only his cell phone. [NYDN]
Riverdale: If they paved paradise to put up a parking lot so you could visit your ailing mother, would it be less evil? All of Riverdale is asking itself that question after three beloved trees were felled so the Schervier nursing home could build a parking lot. This community has been rocked to its core, and likely won’t ever recover. [Riverdale Press]
Sunset Park: A funky-painted white SUV here wants you to know that “Jesus is waiting for you…Come quickly.” Why? Because “the gate is open.” Just ask the cheery, unidentified guy with the fedora. [Best View in Brooklyn]