Jeff Zucker Has a Throne in His Office

Jeff Zucker President Bush

Dude, that guy doesn’t even get a throne.Photo: Getty Images

Jeff Zucker is the subject of a lengthy profile in the September issue of Portfolio, by Karl Taro Greenfeld, but we’d been avoiding it for a while because we’re holding a grudge against Jeff for allowing the Tonight Show to ruin Conan O’Brien. But when we finally did look it over, we were disappointed. We didn’t learn anything new, except for how competitive Jeff is at tennis, which we totally could have guessed at anyway. The only part that really caught our attention was this description of Jeffy’s offices in Rockefeller Center:

The Rockefeller plaza corner office in which I meet Zucker is vast, with views of the Empire State Building from the three oversize windows facing south, and two windows facing east. Along the windowsills are photos of his wife, Caryn, a former associate producer at Saturday Night Live, and their four children: Andrew, 10, Elizabeth, 7, Peter, 5, and William, 2. This is a handsome family, and Zucker is happy to acknowledge that the kids take after his wife rather than him. A large ficus plant sits in the corner next to a Modernist steel peacock sculpture that faces Zucker’s imposing Art Deco desk. He is seated now in an overstuffed wing chair that has lion’s-paw feet and fabric decorated with fleurs-de-lis. As he talks, he crosses his legs. When he sits back, his feet actually lift off from the floor a bit, like a boy taking a turn on someone else’s throne.

Now that is a paragraph. “An overstuffed wing chair that has lion’s-paw feet and fabric decorated with fleurs-de-lis”? With details like that, who even needs new reporting?

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