Jeffrey Epstein’s Prison Party

He’s got to be strong to fight them, so he’s taking
lots of vitamins.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Jeffery Epstein’s prison cell has a more eclectic cast of hangers-out than Café des Amateurs. The Palm Beach Post reports that the billionaire financier, who’s serving time for soliciting sex with an underage girl, has been visited by a rotating cast of characters including everyone from his prostie-procurer Sarah Kellen to Nadia Marcinkova, the 23-year-old he allegedly imported from Yugoslavia to be his sex slave; Igor Zinoviev, a Russian mixed-martial-arts fighter; and Roger Schank, a 62-year-old artificial-intelligence expert and professor at Northwestern University. Wait a minute: What can those last two mean? Is Epstein getting strong in prison, in order to defeat evil robot machines?

Tycoon Epstein draws eclectic mix of visitors to jail [Palm Beach Post]