Joshua Kushner: Jared 2.0?

Bedford-Stuyvesant: It’s awkward enough to be a gentrifying mommy in a poor neighborhood, but even more awkward when you coldly mistake your poor neighbor going through chemo for a homeless drug addict. Isn’t it? [Bed-Stuy Banana]
Brooklyn Heights: Salt-water spray from the Olafur Eliasson–designed waterfalls installation under the Brooklyn Bridge is turning the trees at the River Café prematurely brown! Plus, the Paping Soapbox Derby here has apparently been canceled. What the hell is happening to this neighborhood? [NYP]
East Village: The board of a pretty old synagogue on East 6th Street has voted to tear it down and allow a new residential building there instead, with a synagogue on the first two floors. And the developer? He’s Joshua Kushner, the 23-year-old, Harvard-grad brother of Observer publisher Jared. Wow, power bros! [Villager]

Greenpoint: Studio B, one of the preferred music hangouts of the scruffle (formerly hipster) crowd, has been shut down, to the relief of many locals who bitched about the noise and general scruffle madness there. But the club’s decidedly unscruffly-looking lawyer says it will reopen. [Brooklyn Paper]
Jamaica Bay: Nearly 200 abandoned barges are rotting here, but the company most responsible for them says they can’t sink because they’re full of Styrofoam — and that some were waiting to be tugged to New Jersey … for recycling, that is, not to beautify New Jersey. [NYT]
Rockaways: An urban-renewal project has brought a wave of 23,000 new residents to the area, but unless the two major hospitals here merge, the E.R. bottleneck will likely worsen. [NYDN]
West Village: Trendy Freemans Sporting Club barbershop on Horatio Street pays homage to Nick’s Hair Stylists, its non-trendy predecessor, with a very similar sign. But with a spelling error that we are hard-pressed to believe wasn’t intentional. Ironic, and all that crap. [Curbed]