Like That Creepy Kid From High School, Marty Markowitz Thinks That His 800 Facebook Friends Will Give Him Social Dominance

Marty Markowitz

Yep, it’s always this type that’s really into Facebook.Photo: Getty Images

You know those people who are super active on Facebook? The ones who have tried to “Buy and Sell” you like seven times and have asked you to give or receive a “(lil) green patch” (we have no idea what that is, STILL). They always have more than 500 Facebook friends, the upper limit that any right-thinking person should allow, and they seem to be on the site, updating constantly. And you just want to ask, “WHAT DO YOU WANT!? WHAT ARE YOU GETTING OUT OF THIS!?”

Now we have an answer: Some of them want to be mayor.

That’s why Marty Markowitz is so active on the social-networking site, according to the New York Times. “This is a way to make what I do more relevant to a larger number of people,” he said. “It’s the world we live in. When I go to a meeting, everyone has their head in a BlackBerry.” We guess that makes sense — after all, it worked for Obama, right? The Democratic presidential candidate has more than 1.3 million supporters on Facebook. So how many does Markowitz have? 800. Hm. So, not particularly a tidal wave of online support — but it’s more than any of his other rivals. In fact, Christine Quinn, Anthony Weiner, and Tony Avella all have Facebook pages, but with fewer supporters or friends. The only candidate who is regularly mentioned for the 2010 race who doesn’t have a page is Bill Thompson, who said he’s not certain “it’s the best measurement to determine how well one would do in a mayoral race.” However, we learn later from a spokesman, he does “regularly post videos on YouTube.”

We get it. He’s one of those.

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