In Real Life, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Act Just Like People!


Lindsay and Sam.Photo: WireImage

There’s a fascinating account of a sighting of Lesbohan and girlfriend Samantha Ronson with their mothers at Bar Pitti last night on People’s Website. The source must have been afraid to get too close, as a National Geographic photographer might be cautious around a pair of rare snow leopards, but he or she was able to describe the quartet’s behavior from a distance. “All was calm,” the source said. “They weren’t too animated.” Interesting. Of the most unusual sighting of the children alongside their mothers — Dina Lohan and Ann Dexter-Jones — the source observed, “They all looked very natural, like they’ve hung out before.” Weird. They actually know their parents? We always assumed they were hired.

Lindsay & Samantha Double Date – with Their Moms! [People]