Will ‘Maid in Manhattan’ Be Made in Manhattan?

Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Just one day after NBC announced its (we suspect) New York–set show Mogulettes, ABC is all, “We’ll see your Plum Sykes and raise you a J.Lo.” It turns out Jennifer Lopez is set to executive-produce an adaptation of her 2002 chick flick, Maid in Manhattan, creating a series about a “young Latina from the Bronx working at a Manhattan hotel who tries to make it in the world.” But the hour-long dramedy won’t tell that exact same rags-to-riches story, because, well, then it would end. Among other reasons: “The show is a different maid in a different Manhattan,” says Chad Hodge, who’s writing the pilot (and is also responsible for the “Studio 54–themed drama” going to Showtime). A different Manhattan? Like Brooklyn? Or a version of Manhattan shot in L.A.? We suspect the last option, because Hodge went on to explain why he related to the concept: “I imagine being a writer in Hollywood is often very similar to being a maid in Manhattan,” he said. Right, it’s all about you guys. We’re hoping Long Island–based J.Lo’s involvement — she’ll “be very integral in the pilot and series,” Hodge says — means that at least some of the filming will be done here. In any case, that’s two New York–y shows announced in just two days! Your move, CBS. —Lori Fradkin

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