Margaret Cho Wants to Get in Bed With Lesbohan

Margaret Cho

So then Lindsay would put her foot here…”Photo: Getty Images

Bisexual comedienne Margaret Cho has called dibs on having the first celebrity threesome with Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan. “I want to be the guest star in that bed,” she told us last night at the Radar-sponsored premiere party for her new project, The Cho Show. “I would hope that Samantha Ronson would be this hot, mean, butch top. I don’t know about Lindsay, though. I’d have to see. I think the three of us would be great in a daisy chain.” We didn’t know what a “daisy chain” was, but then Cho proceeded to tell us. It was an explanation unlikely to squeak past the censors on her VH1 show, which will air at 11 p.m. on Thursdays. Cho offered more G-rated words for this month’s other sexytime headline grabber, John Edwards. “Relationship stuff is private and belongs to [politicians themselves]. It doesn’t belong to the country,” she said. “He is a good leader. I definitely wouldn’t want to marry him. He is cute, though. I wouldn’t want to be his wife, but I’d do him!” This is what makes a democracy, folks … and good reality TV. —Shira Levine