Mark Consuelos Apparently Qualified to Perform Weddings

Photo: Getty Images

No doubt the folks over at Fox News got a hearty guffaw out of their headline, “Mark Consuelos to Marry Howard Stern,” but alas, that pair is not competing with Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler for the Gay Wedding of the Century prize. Rather! Mr. Kelly Ripa has agreed to perform the ceremony for Howard and his fiancée, Beth Ostrosky, because they, like all celebrities, are friends, and because apparently he, like some people we know, got baked this one time in the nineties and thought it would be hilarious to go online and become an ordained minister via the Universal Life Church. Or maybe Consuelos is actually a priest? Or maybe being a celebrity immediately qualifies one to perform weddings? It’s all kind of unclear, even to Roger Friedman, who brought us this news. Friedman also asked Beth Ostrosky, quite sensibly, if Regis Philbin would be in attendance. She did not react well. “It’s not that kind of thing,” she said. “It’s spiritual.” Oh, of course. But for what it’s worth, we think Regis has a beautiful energy.

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