Matilda Ledger Looks Just Like Heath, Gives Suri Cruise a Run for Her Money


Matilda Ledger Heath Ledger Photo: Swarbrick/Daniel/, Getty Images

We’ve been obsessing over Suri Cruise a little bit lately, which we realize is a little bit unfair. Suri isn’t technically a New York kid — she’s just visiting while her mom is on Broadway. And we have our own celebrity tykes here! Like Liv Tyler and Royston Langdon’s baby Milo, Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson’s baby Ryder — not to mention dozens of other half-famous children. But the child most famous in her own right is Matilda Ledger, daughter of the late Heath and actress Michelle Williams. So we went to look today for pictures of Matilda in her element: Brooklyn. And we were not disappointed. Look at the above picture! Is she not adorable? And does she not look exactly like her father? We know we just said that we can’t tell which parent a baby’s supposed to look like, but Matilda is almost 3! By the time she’s in high school, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is totally going to be bribing her to go on a date with Julia Stiles. Just you wait and see.

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