Michael Lohan: God Created 48-Year-Old Men and 24-Year-Old Women to Be Together

Photo: Getty Images

Michael Lohan and his girlfriend, 24-year-old Erin Muller, were hanging out by the pool at a party for Social Life magazine this weekend, the Observer reports. He was wearing slacks and a striped shirt, the paper says. No word on what Muller was wearing, but “She has a great family and I love her dad,” Mr. Lohan, 48, told the Observer. They do sound like nice people who care about their daughter’s health: “My parents don’t know that I can drink most guys under the table,” Muller told Hollywood Poker two years ago, when she appeared as Miss September in their calendar. Just like Michael! He cares about his 22-year-old daughter’s health. He had this to say about Lindsay’s relationship with Samantha Ronson. “I’m a Christian and I believe that God created men and women to procreate and be together,” he said. “Anything apart from that will just hold you back in life. I don’t pry into Lindsay’s personal life, but if that is the lifestyle she’s involved in, then it’s between her and God. All I care about is that she’s staying clean.”

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