Murray Hill Graffiti — Touched (Inappropriately) By an Angel?

Brooklyn Heights: The gorgeous corner brownstone where Cher lived in the movie Moonstruck was finally sold, for $4 million. A family with young kids will live there, according to a nice old-lady neighbor who once was given a cup of coffee by Cher herself. [NYDN]
Chelsea: On Thursday, the Hotel Chelsea will honor Storme DeLarverie, a drag king who is a longtime resident and the only female member of the famous Jewel Box review. [Living With Legends]
Murray Hill: How often do graffiti artists specializing in phallic imagery quote Saint Teresa of Ávila? Also, how often are we truly reminded that, yes, death is a killer? Thanks, street artists, for always surprising us. [Newyorkshitty]

Park Slope: Not only has Manhattan lost many of its hipsters and several key celebrities, apparently now it has also lost jazz. Dude, take the hipsters (not the scruffles, though!) and celebrities, but don’t take the jazz! [Utne Reader]
Upper East Side: A hot-dog cart exploded here yesterday (yes, they can apparently explode). And the worst part is, it caught a nearby Ralph Lauren store on fire! At last, proof that the neighborhood is physically allergic to low-end dining. [NYP]
Williamsburg: That Gene Kaufman–designed condo-hotel in Williamsburg is having a lot more bureaucratic trouble than expected in construction. Guys, it’s only seven stories! [Gowanus Lounge]