New Yorkers Look Past Bloomberg’s Money, Love Him for Himself

Brooke Astor

Photo: Getty Images

We just noticed this odd little Times story, about New Yorkers’ affection for Bloomberg, despite his wealth. Were it the season finale of a show like The Bachelor, it would be a really touching episode. “I think he looks out for people like us,” says former cabbie Kevin Flynn. “Obviously, he cares,” says a former teacher who lives in Queens. She adds, of Bloomberg’s wealth, “His money is his. He doesn’t have to give it to me.” As it is, it’s a newspaper story basically apropos of nothing, so it’s kind of weird. But whatever. Point taken: Unlike many other superrich icons, Bloomberg doesn’t seem to contend with much suspicion and scorn for being awesomely, insanely, mind-bogglingly, bursting-at-the-seams-with-money rich. The Times thinks it’s because he’s a self-made man with a salt-of-the-earth manner. We posit an alternate theory: It’s because he’s short. Seriously. If he was good-looking and tall AND had all that money? We’d hate his guts.

Rich As Mayor Is, New Yorkers Feel He Cares [NYT]
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