Ceasing Our Labor


Photo: Courtesy of the Weekly World News

Well. It’s been a tumultuous week here at Daily Intel. Between the excitement surrounding the Democratic National Convention, our feverish, near-erotic anticipation of the new season of Gossip Girl, and the multitude of tequila shots we had to do to kill the pain over the departure of Vulture’s wonderful editor Dan “Crazylegs” Kois, we are practically on the verge of expiring. But we’ll need all the power in our hearts for Monday night’s return of the BEST SHOW EVER, which is why we’re taking off a little bit early today and will remain in repose through Labor Day. We’ll be back on Tuesday with our usual juvenile jokes, lopsided rants, and, of course, The Recap. In the meantime, here’s a hilarious, Intel-comment-inspired picture from the Weekly World News, above.

See you next Tuesday! (Heh heh).