Rielle Hunter’s Baby Photos: Not Quite John Edwards in a Onesie


Rielle Hunter Baby Frances Quinn

Photo Illustration: iStockphoto.com

Now that the mainstream media is picking up everything that the National Enquirer reports about John Edwards, we’ve been sort of thrown into a tizzy. The latest word from the tabloid is that the day before Edwards admitted his affair with Hunter on Nightline, Hunter and her daughter, Frances Quinn, were flown on a chartered Learjet to St. Croix. Her stay on the Caribbean island, the Enquirer says, was paid for by a trial-lawyer friend of Edwards’s named Lee Rohn. We have no idea whether this is reliable information. But for some reason we do trust the cover photo on the magazine, which shows a joyful Rielle Hunter showing off little Frances Quinn. Now, we are not the kind of people who look at babies and say “Oh, he looks like his DADA. Oh yes he does. Oh yes he does.” We never think babies look like anybody, ever, except for maybe Truman Capote. But contrary to what we’ve been told, that kid does not look like John Edwards in a onesie.

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