See Photos of Stars’ Smooshed Boobs!

Photo: Us Weekly

Us Weekly has this funny habit. When they report stories on their Website, they like to add (as most blogs do) a link to previous stories or, more often, a slideshow of photos, in order to drive traffic to other parts of the site. You know, like, “See more pictures of celebrity babies,” “See more pics of famous couples before they broke up,” “See grainy pictures of celebrities crying.” What’s weird about Us Weekly’s links is that they pop them in right in the middle of the text, like they just remembered something and couldn’t wait until they finished the story to tell you. It’s kind of distracting, and so usually we just ignore the links and continue reading the story. But today, when a link appeared in the middle of Us’s rumination over whether 14-year-old Ali Lohan got a boob job that said “SEE PHOTOS OF STARS SMOOSHED BOOBS,” we totally clicked. Because you know what? We figured looking at pictures of macerated breasts would be less creepy than staring at the chest of a developing 14-year-old child and pondering, as Us does, “Do you think Ali’s growth spurt was natural?” It turned out to just be pictures of Jessica Simpson and Scarlett Johansson and, for the love of god, Janice Dickinson with their boobs busting out of their bikinis. But still.

Ali Lohan Flaunts a Fuller Chest [Us]