South Slope Gets Its Own Tower of Toys

City Island: If the Neptune Inn eatery here is indeed bulldozed, New York will lose the restaurant’s beloved murals of the Twin Towers (which supernaturally began peeling right after 9/11!), the Virgin of Guadalupe, and some unidentified guy in a hat. And that would be a shame, because it’s not like this isle of fried fish has its own Guggenheim or anything. [amNY]
East Village: Best Sentence Ever from this story on hood photographer Lorcan Otway: “Otway’s photos capture everything from the fast-action danger of a young man trying to resuscitate a friend who had overdosed on heroin … to a young ‘crusty’ woman, looking tenderly at her pet rat.” Writer of that sentence, please don’t tell us you laughed like we did when you wrote that. Earnest is better! [Villager via EV Grieve]
South Slope: Under an evergreen in front of a home on 12th Street is a “Retirement Home for Well-Loved Stuffies.” Basically, it’s a big, heartbreaking pile of discarded stuffed animals, kind of like the Island of Misfit Toys from the 1964 stop-motion TV classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. But this is real, and if you listen real hard around here at night, you can hear the stuffies weeping and moaning. [IMBY]

Tottenville: Here on Staten Island, a hobbyist horticulturist has transformed a septic-tank facility into a verdant paradise, complete with statuary from the 1939 World’s Fair … and eggplants with (frighteningly detailed) faces on them. Come on, click through and take this journey with us. [SI Live via Queens Crap]
Williamsburg: A ‘burger seriously hates on the hood’s guitar-shaped bike rack, and all the other thematically shaped new racks around town, designed by David Byrne: “Oh, aging rock icons. How you inevitably lose your edge and charmingly putter about in irrelevance with inflated egos thanks to a media that shits itself every time you undertake the most menial of projects.” [Williamsburg Is Dead]
Woodside: This is the home of Danielle Bremner, 26, “the number one female tagger, possibly in the country, definitely in New York,” who just got busted on charges of $100,000 in graffiti damage in every borough but Staten Island. And she’s wanted for the same shit in Europe! [amNY]