The Montauk Monster Has Competition. Sort Of.

Chinatown: The newer, Fujianese immigrants in the southern part of the hood are pro–Communist China and cheering on the Olympics, while the older immigrants in the northern part are pro-Taiwan, anti-Communist and not celebrating the games. Which makes for some tension in the nabe. [NYS]
Dumbo: The Montauk Monster is soooo July ‘08. Today, it’s all about the, uh, Dumbo Detritus Demon crawling out of the cove at Empire Fulton Ferry State Park. [McBrooklyn]
East Village: A man is claiming to be the elder cousin of the guy trying to evict everyone at 47 East 3rd Street in order to make the whole building his mansion. And this man’s written a letter to the Observer calling his little cousin a scumbag. But the letter’s not confirmed. We think it’s a fake — it’s too damning by half, too pat in its tone. What do you think? [NYO]

Graniteville: Friday’s shirtless surprise is Staten Island’s Joe Colella, who grows everything including cantaloupes in his backyard. Doesn’t he look like an old Italian guy impersonating a Ziegfeld girl with these giant cabbages? [SILive via Queens Crap]
Greenwich Village: The New School’s big-for-the-neighborhood building, planned for 14th and Fifth and opposed by many locals, seems to have stalled, and it may end up being smaller than expected. [Villager via Curbed]
Harlem: Have you guys seen this new residential building, the Kalahari, with a façade “inspired by nomadic and tribal cultures of Africa”? It looks like some folks have moved in. [JSchumacher via Uptown Flavor]
Midtown: The Broadway Boulevard, an all-bike-and-pedestrian zone between Times Square and Herald Square, is coming along and expected to open in mid-August. Still, we’re not sure about hanging out on benches, tables, and chairs in the middle of Broadway around 38th Street. That just doesn’t sound so pastoral to us. [Newyorkology]