Where Were You When Michael Phelps Won His Eighth Gold Medal?


Michael Phelps

Photo: AFP

As you already know, just after 11 p.m. on Saturday night, Michael Phelps accomplished a feat no human athlete has ever done before, by winning his eighth Olympic gold medal. After having won the 400 Meter Individual Medley, the 4 x 100 Meter Freestyle Relay, the 200 Meter Freestyle, the 200 Meter Butterfly, the 4 x 200 Meter Freestyle Relay, the 200 Meter Individual Medley, and the 100 Meter Butterfly, he joined the U.S. Team in winning the 4 x 100 Meter Medley Relay. All but one of those victories was also a world record.

So, um, what were you doing that night?

Your Daily Intel editors were scattered across the country, but we all watched Phelps (one even left a wedding reception in Jersey to go to a bar to watch him win), and yes, Chris cried. (Only because Mrs. Phelps was so adorable!) Did you? Anybody have a good story? And, if you didn’t watch — dude, what’s your excuse?