Whole Foods to Alter Brooklyn Plans

Flushing: A new Buddhist temple opens here next year! Check it out. [Queens Chronicle]
Gowanus: Whole Foods says that it will shortly announce a change in plans for its long-awaited store here. Could those changes have anything to do with the 31 percent net-income drop the company posted last quarter? [Brownstoner]
Midtown: As part of the Summer Streets thing, which closes off certain streets to cars on Saturdays this summer, Park Avenue from Central Park to lower Manhattan was just for walkers and bikers this weekend, and the people had fun! Watch the video. [Streetsblog]

Park Slope: At least one Slopie thinks that the very upsetting incident of people having oral sex on the stairs of the 15th Street F-train station is due to poverty: “I dare say that you rarely find middle-class people having sex in public.” Um, we clearly are not running in the same middle-class circles as you are. [Gowanus Lounge]
Red Hook: A woman’s dog was humping her leg, and she seemed to like it. Also, is the hood exploiting hapless Ikea rather than vice versa, which is how it was supposed to be? [Doree Chronicles]
Williamsburg: The Sky Watch police crane has arrived to keep the neighborhood safe! You can see a lot of scruffles up there in that thing, so all you scruffles better be behavin’, ya hear? Don’t be stealing people’s tight jeans shorts and white-framed sunglasses! [Williamsburg Is Dead]