A Pair of Super-Celeb Couple Sightings at the Theater This Weekend


Not sure what you’re looking at here? It’s nearly impossible to detect the celebrities at the center of this giant scrum of people in the Delacorte Theater. But if you have an eagle eye you can figure it out: It’s Bill and Hillary Clinton at a performance of Hair yesterday. From our spy:

The family was treated to a special welcome from the producer before the show started, in which the producer pointed out that democracy and theater were born out of the same moment in history. Standing ovation when they came in and when the producer intro’d them. Sat next to producer in his box. Obligatory fawning over Bill and Hillary from the cast ensued — the show is heavy on audience participation to begin with. Stayed through the very end, when people get up on the stage to dance (they did not). Didn’t pull the standard celeb move of leaving before bows.

OMG! That’s almost (almost!) as impressive as the other celebrity couple sighting in a theater this weekend: Blake Lively and Penn Badgley at the final performance of Rent. Jeepers. Just wait until Equus and All My Sons open. We might even get Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson into the theat-ah!